In recent years, CBD rapidly became a trending health supplement thought to help treat a lot of medical ailment. Not only that but CBD have reached the fitness community by helping them with their training regime.

Either the workouts are high-intensity or just the regular exercise adding CBD boost the outcome they are achieving for. If your living in United States, Europe or Canada, CBD information may have reached your interest before so here’s a brief overview of CBD and how to use it as a Pre- or Post-Workout supplement.

Summary of CBD and How it Works

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid compound extracted from cannabis. Studies have shown potential therapeutic benefits it carries, however, many believe that it can cause psychoactive effects just like THC. In fact, CBD has the ability to counteract the psychoactive of THC.

CBD works by binding through the endocannabinoid system in the body. It is responsible for helping and maintaining the homeostasis, or internal systemic balance. The ECS is found throughout the body and composes of three important parts which are the cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and metabolic enzymes.

Because the ECS of each person changed and compromised in time affecting homeostasis. There are various factors that result in this abnormality such as disease and injury. With the help of CBD as a natural supplement, it helps to stimulate and improve ECS functions.

Pre-Workout Used of CBD

When taking CBD before an exercise, it can increase the energy needed during exercise. It also helps relieve from pain and work as an anti-catabolic by encouraging the body to function efficiently. It like an energy drink or coffee but without the risk of side effects and “crash.”

CBD is not only popular in the fitness community but in different field of medicine. It contains general mood stabilizer and energy booster. A major selling point of CBD is the ability to help depression and anxiety. It’s a great motivator if you lose it during hard training drills.

Another study about CBD is its analgesic effect on the user. It aids in reducing the pain on the affected area such as joints, muscle pain, and other aches. Using it as a pre-workout supplement can alleviate the sensitivity to pain during the drills that create higher endurance for high-intensity workouts.

We mentioned a while ago about the anti-catabolic properties CBD has. This helps slow down the break down of muscle mass and build more muscle at the same time. This happens when CBD decreases the number of catabolic hormones present in the body. Cortisol or stress hormones is a catabolic hormone that is the culprit in breaking down muscle tissue. By using CBD it helps regulate the production of cortisol.

Post-Workout Used of CBD

After a hard training course from the gym, that’s when various pain around the body starts to show up. But using CBD after a workout can benefit the user greatly because of the anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps users recover quicker and deal with delayed muscle aches. CBD topical creams and salves are a go for by applying it on affected areas.

If you lack the appetite to get a hearty meal after a workout, CBD can help you out. It also helps stimulate your appetite. The other way around some folk find CBD aid them in suppressing appetite instead by reducing their craving of unhealthy food.

Finally, after a long day of activities and exercise, good quality sleep is needed. If some factors make you not have enough sleep then it can slow the process of building muscle and recovery. In this case, CBD can lend a hand by regulating the hormones that trigger the time for rest and wakefulness. This is a much better alternative medicine than taking a dangerous sleeping pill.