In reaching adulthood, puberty and the change of hormones can result in many uncomfortable signs. One of them is acne and some people despite getting over with puberty still worries about acne. Acne is caused by many factors like diet, metabolism, skin sensitivity, environment, and even stress. Getting rid of acne is now possible by the use of certain medications and folks have thought of the use of CBD oil as well.

Compared to pricey cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators. The use of CBD made it easy as an all in one package. It least likely you’ll mess up when using it and is less expensive.

Understanding the Source of Acne

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which causes pimples and spots on locations like face, shoulders, chest, back, neck, and upper arms. Acne also includes blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, cysts, and nodules.

It’s expected that acne is the most common skin condition in America that affects up to 50 million people yearly. Although, the numbers are situated in the United States of America Acne also affects people around the world. It is one skin condition that most people in one form or the other at some stage of their lives they will experience it.

Microbial Infection of Acne

The bacteria that live on the skin can contribute to infections of pimples like Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes). As stated in the research the frequency and severity of acne depend on the strain of bacteria present on the skin.

However, not all bacteria on the skin can cause acne resulting in pimples. Some good bacterias actually help the skin free from pimples. People with oily skin find it difficult to remove or conceal acne. It often happens during the time where hormonal changes are taking place like puberty.

The skin secretions cause the pores to clog up and starts to develop the acne. If left untreated it may result in permanent scarring that causes teenagers to develop “teenage depression.”

Using Cannabidiol for Acne

Besides ingestible CBD, this market has travelled to the field of skin care including the treatment of acne. It is thought to work great for muscle and eczema relief and reduce chronic pain. According to the study in 2014 and conducted by the National Center of Biotechnology Information, there’s essential evidence that CBD contains properties that regulate oil production from the sebaceous glands. This results in controlling and managing acne breakouts to people who use CBD.

CBD is legalized and used in treating certain ailments or symptoms they experience. Because CBD does not give any psychoactive properties, it does not create drug dependency. As stated by Gabrielle Francis, the CBD oil supplements derived from industrial hemp are legal as long as the level of THC is less than 0.03%.

CBD as an Acne Treatment

CBD oil beneficially fights acne in three different ways by regulating oil production, decreases stress, and reduce inflammation. With the functions, it makes CBD extremely powerful in treating acne compared to other acne treatment products.

Removing Scars and Prevent Outbreaks

Not only does CBD help out during acne but also when scars are already present. It has the ability to remove permanent scars from previous episodes of acne. This is because CBD has antioxidant properties that slow down or stop the oxidative damage that causes the skin to age.

It also kills bacteria and inhibits the growth, hence, no acne forms during this event. The antiseptic properties of CBD help the growth and reproduction of many other microorganisms like fungi and viruses.

Needless to say, to get the maximum therapeutic effects of CBD, users must use it daily or regularly. By doing so it not only improves your skin but also other functions that CBD can help with.