How to Use CBD Oil for Acne

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    In reaching adulthood, puberty and the change of hormones can result in many uncomfortable signs. One of them is acne and some people despite getting over with puberty still worries about acne. Acne is caused by many factors like diet, metabolism, skin sensitivity, environment, and even stress. Getting rid of acne is now possible by the use of certain medications and folks have thought of the use of CBD oil as well.

    Compared to pricey cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliators. The use of CBD made it easy as an all in one package. It least likely you’ll mess up when using it and is less expensive.

    Understanding the Source of Acne

    Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition which causes pimples and spots on locations like face, shoulders, chest, back, neck, and upper arms. Acne also includes blackheads, pimples, whiteheads, cysts, and nodules.

    It’s expected that acne is the most common skin condition in America that affects up to 50 million people yearly. Although, the numbers are situated in the United States of America Acne also affects people around the world. It is one skin condition that most people in one form or the other at some stage of their lives they will experience it.

    Microbial Infection of Acne

    The bacteria that live on the skin can contribute to infections of pimples like Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes). As stated in the research the frequency and severity of acne depend on the strain of bacteria present on the skin.

    However, not all bacteria on the skin can cause acne resulting in pimples. Some good bacterias actually help the skin free from pimples. People with oily skin find it difficult to remove or conceal acne. It often happens during the time where hormonal changes are taking place like puberty.

    The skin secretions cause the pores to clog up and starts to develop the acne. If left untreated it may result in permanent scarring that causes teenagers to develop “teenage depression.”

    Using Cannabidiol for Acne

    Besides ingestible CBD, this market has travelled to the field of skin care including the treatment of acne. It is thought to work great for muscle and eczema relief and reduce chronic pain. According to the study in 2014 and conducted by the National Center of Biotechnology Information, there’s essential evidence that CBD contains properties that regulate oil production from the sebaceous glands. This results in controlling and managing acne breakouts to people who use CBD.

    CBD is legalized and used in treating certain ailments or symptoms they experience. Because CBD does not give any psychoactive properties, it does not create drug dependency. As stated by Gabrielle Francis, the CBD oil supplements derived from industrial hemp are legal as long as the level of THC is less than 0.03%.

    CBD as an Acne Treatment

    CBD oil beneficially fights acne in three different ways by regulating oil production, decreases stress, and reduce inflammation. With the functions, it makes CBD extremely powerful in treating acne compared to other acne treatment products.

    Removing Scars and Prevent Outbreaks

    Not only does CBD help out during acne but also when scars are already present. It has the ability to remove permanent scars from previous episodes of acne. This is because CBD has antioxidant properties that slow down or stop the oxidative damage that causes the skin to age.

    It also kills bacteria and inhibits the growth, hence, no acne forms during this event. The antiseptic properties of CBD help the growth and reproduction of many other microorganisms like fungi and viruses.

    Needless to say, to get the maximum therapeutic effects of CBD, users must use it daily or regularly. By doing so it not only improves your skin but also other functions that CBD can help with.

    The Benefits of CBD for Senior Citizens


      Being a senior may face various problems such as the increase of medication, ache, and soreness due to illness like arthritis and changes of sleep and appetite. Luckily, CBD helps reduces such discomforts and improve health. Cannabidiol (CBD) is taken out from the hemp strain which contains very low or no THC levels. It helps senior age deal with aging and improves comfort. Using state of the art methods in extracting CBD allows manufacturers to remove any psychoactive compounds such as THC which is often associated with psychoactive effects.

      Recent news about CBD became popular with the seniors and large organization like AARP that covers various topics about CBD and its usage to the community. Here are the perks of using CBD for senior citizens.

      Stimulating and Regulating Appetite

      The most common set back for senior age is the lack of appetite because of some factors. It may be as a result of illnesses, sudden change of taste, tiredness and many more. Using CBD for appetite has proven to be very effective in all ages and especially seniors. Whether the ailments is about sickness or injury, appetite can be increased with CBD.

      When CBD communicated with the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, it helps regulate the appetite. According to the study in 2016, the researchers have discovered the effect of CBD on hormones relating to the digestive process. Stimulating and regulating digestive and metabolic system can both contribute to weight gain or help with weight loss.

      Relief of Aches and Pains Due to Aging

      CBDs Anti-inflammatory properties and analgesic effect help treat various symptoms like aches and pains caused by aging, arthritis, inflammation, and other factors. Unlike Opioids that cause addiction and overdose, choosing CBD as an alternative treatment is safer. In addition, CBD does not cause any life-threatening side effects or drug dependency.

      Treatment of Arthritis Pain

      I’m sure you know at least one or two seniors and parent that suffers from arthritis. Hundreds of studies about CBD conducted shows to help reduce the inflammation and joint-related pain that is often connected with arthritis. Based on a 2016 study about rats with arthritis, researchers used gel infused with cannabidiol and found out the improvement without any side effects. CBD can also help manage symptoms from autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

      Using CBD for Glaucoma

      Besides cataracts as one of the signs of aging, senior citizens suffering from Glaucoma have it tough. Symptoms of glaucoma tend to be very painful and becomes worse in time. Using CBD as palliative care aids in pain relief by binding with CB2 receptors. These receptors are often found in the immune system throughout the body or in the nervous system. Since the part of the eye is rich with nerve-ending the CB2 receptors located there manage pain to a degree.

      Other illnesses that CBD can help are the following:

      • Alzheimers & Dementia
      • Insomnia & Other Sleep Disorders
      • Parkinson’s Disease
      • Depression & Mood Disorders
      • Antioxidant Effects

      Desirable Dosage for Seniors

      Identifying the desirable dosage of CBD to a user is challenging. There are many factors that can change the effectiveness and duration of CBD. These factors may include the type of product use, CBD’s level of concentration, and a person’s body chemistry like metabolism.

      No matter what the age is, it is recommended to start with a low dosage such as 10 mg gummy, or half dropper of lowest strength tincture then monitor for any changes whether good or bad results. Since the growth of CBD resulted in different forms and brands of CBD. It is important to choose trusted brands with lab tested products. These can show the details of how much THC is in the product, what other properties it contains, and many more.

      CBD Coffee: What Is It and Is It Any Good?


        Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in the morning to start your day. With the growing popularity of CBD in the market, you can find various products from ice-cream to gummies and now coffee infused with CBD. The demand increase to the consumers due to its anxiety-reducing, pain relieving and seizure minimizing functions. Its attributes are doing a great in eliminating certain ailments of users, thus people are grabbing what they can to try out the amazing CBD products.

        Unlike marijuana, CBD is now legal in a lot of states in the United States of America. For this reason, there’s no need to worry about legal matters when buying CBD. It is not classified as Schedule 1 substance which prohibits any use of USA. CBD is only labelled as Schedule V substance by the Food and Drug Administration. This manner describes that users can purchase CBD but not allowed to produce or cultivate it.

        Research about different strains and their effect on users has shown evident signs about the wonders of the strains therapeutic effects on users. In result, various research about them has made outcomes that produce good medical benefits with the absence of psychotropic effects. CBD is part of these strains that are proven useful to the medical field with fewer side effects. With the absence of psychoactive effects of CBD, it is distributed in the united states as a legal supplement.

        About CBD Infused Coffee

        It has become a norm in people these days to grab a cup of coffee or two cups before starting their activities throughout the day. Coffee helps people stay alert, makes us a better worker, and give us the extra kick we need to get everything done.

        Coffee shops around the world are swarming with people in the morning or at night. Getting those plain old simple “good cup of joe” or a splash of whip cream goodness on top of ice cold coffee will work to give you that extra energy.

        If you’re a coffeeholic person that has a coffee maker at home why not try the CBD coffee? It is a CBD infused coffee which is completely different from a regular cup of coffee. The benefits you get from normal coffee is still there but with CBD it eliminates the bad stuff you get from drinking too much.

        When consuming coffee, it provides user alertness, however, anxiety tends to increase along with it. For people who suffer anxiety-inducing mental disorders, it might be dangerous for them to drink coffee that initiates their anxiety. This results in nervous breakdowns and panic attacks caused by Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and attention deficit disorders.

        With CBD coffee the chemical properties make you alter like the usual coffee but reduce the chance of anxiety-inducing episodes. CBD has been well-known to decrease the effects of pain, seizures and other serious ailments including anxiety.

        In addition, CBD is also used legally to treat the effects of epilepsy and maybe in the future it can be distributed as a coffee infused products worldwide. A psychiatrist at NYU Langone Esther Blessing have research about the effects of PTSD and complimented the CBD coffee’s effects that induce calmness and relaxation when drinking it.

        It’s evident that many professional doctors from the different field including the psychiatrist have praised CBD products in helping their patients cope up with their condition. Aside from the pharmaceutical approach that gives dangerous side effects. CBD, on the other hand, improves the well-being of the user without the risk of harmful adverse effects. To summarize everything, here’s what CBD coffee can help you with when consumed.

        • Reduces Diabetes risk
        • Promotes heart health
        • Provides relief from depression
        • Brings more Focus
        • Helps with seizures.
        • Problems relating to bowel movements
        • Takes care of the lungs
        • Alleviates Stressing

        CBD Oil: How to Use for Better Sleep

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          A good night sleep means a fresh start the next day but sometimes it doesn’t happen all the time. Because of some factors, people get occasional insomnia, sleep apnea, and chronic insomnia. If these problems persist, it will cause problems to health and worse inability to stay focus during work or activities. So people have turned their way by using healthy products like CBD.

          Sleeping pills can help fight insomnia but it leads to a number of dangerous side effects such as addiction and overdosage that eventually cause death. Instead of sleeping pills, a healthy alternative is recommended.

          How Important Sleep Is

          Sleep is essential to all living beings including human to maintain natural bodily function. Some people can easily get a good night rest and others take more effort due to sleeping disorders. But of course, there are some circumstances that people tend to sleep less due to important activities like a deadline, sports, or many more. Those activities can alter the sleep temporarily, however, long-term insomnia can be very harmful if left untreated.

          Sleep Deprivation

          The chronic pattern of sleep deprivation or diagnosed sleep disorders such as insomnia or narcolepsy cause damage to their health. It is important for humans to sleep and rest to increase productivity in various areas and let other organs of the body rest during sleep.

          Effects of CBD for Sleep

          Indirect Effects

          One of the major cause of accident throughout history is probably due to sleep deprivation. This is definitely true from the nuclear accident happened in 1979 at Three Mile Island and the Exxon Valdez oil spill. About 20 percent of motor vehicle accidents in the United States are caused by drowsy driving.

          During work, if a person doesn’t have enough sleep, it affects cognition, thinking, and learning. Sleep deprivation can affect attention, concentration, reasoning, alertness, and problem-solving skills. Short memory loss and the power to recall can also be affected

          Direct Effects

          • Direct effects can cause health to deteriorate, this results in many signs like:
          • Poor Health
          • Low Sex Drive
          • Aging
          • Weight Gain

          Treating Sleep Disorders with CBD

          CBD can help treat 5 very common disorders with no potential side effects. This is because CBD has a very low THC of 0.3% resulting in having no psychoactive effects. With this solution, there are no concerns about addiction and overdose.

          Sleep Apnea

          Sleep Apnea is potentially dangerous sleep disorder which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. People having this condition tends to wake up in the middle of the night due to the muscle surrounding the throat relax and blocks the airway resulting in interrupted breathing.

          According to the study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, they reported that the use of CBD treats sleep apnea patients. The studies have shown people who have such disorder started to get a good night sleep with no side effects.


          About 70 million people suffer from insomnia in the USA. Chronic insomnia, on the other hand, causes more damage and increase the stress and anxiety of a person. People who have it struggle to stay in focus and sometimes develop nervousness. Since CBD is a non-addictive stress reliever, it is the best alternative medication especially for people who suffered Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

          Other forms of Sleep disorder that CBD helps treat includes REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, Hypersomnolence and, Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Now that CBD is available in the market, make sure to purchase them that is specially made for sleep. Some products like Coffee infused CBD might do the opposite of what you are seeking for. Read the instructions of the product carefully and monitor any signs or effects especially for beginners. Developing the appropriate dosage desirable to you may take a while but the outcome is fruitful.

          CBD Oil: Can it Help Treat Migraines?


            It is simple to describe migraines to people but experiencing it is another story. Migraine or headache is one of the challenging disorder to treat. Having this condition can ruin your plan throughout the day. Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache that usually felt one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea, disturbed vision, and sensitivity to sound and light. Most common treatment done by people is taking over-the-counter pain medication, however, it is less effective if it occurs frequently.

            Causes of Migraines

            Studies have linked the causes of migraines to be genetic cause, however, there are a number of factors that can trigger migraine including:

            • Stress
            • Anxiety
            • Hormonal changes in women
            • Bright or flashing lights
            • Loud noises
            • Strong smells
            • Medicines
            • Too much or not enough sleep
            • Sudden changes in the weather or environment
            • Overexertion (too much physical activity)
            • Tobacco
            • Caffeine or caffeine withdrawal
            • Skipped meals
            • Medication overuse (taking medicine for migraines too often)
            • Certain foods and food additives such as:
              • Alcohol
              • Chocolate
              • Aged cheeses
              • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
              • Some fruits and nuts
              • Fermented or pickled goods
              • Yeast
              • Cured or processed meats

            Because it is related by genetic factors, the risk of migraines in family with history migraines is high, medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleep disorders, and epilepsy. Lastly, women are three times more likely to have migraines than men.

            Using Medical Marijuana for Migraines

            Research of CBD and medical marijuana has resulted in many positive outcomes. Although, research about marijuana is still ongoing. The preliminary results of marijuana treating constant migraines may help stop and prevent it. While other studies haven’t produced any results yet concerning migraine related studies.

            CBD is included in the ongoing research that do not have enough data to fully give the proper information about treating migraine. Just like other natural supplement, treating migraine is very challenging as it may lead to various factors including stress-related. CBD may benefit migraines relating to simple factors like not enough sleep, diet, or exercise while it is difficult for chronic migraine with unknown cause.

            The legality of CBD for Migraines

            Only a few states in the United States legalized the use of medical marijuana because of the high level of THC. The level of THC is the source of the psychoactive effects that you can find in marijuana or the one giving the “munchies.” But CBD has a very low level of THC of less than 0.3%, hence, it does not create any psychoactive effects. With very low THC, distributing it to most legal states is allowed as long as it follows the regulations.

            Pain Relief with CBD

            Cannabidiol is one of over 120 chemical compounds found in cannabis or hemp strain. It acts in the body by communicating with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is responsible for regulating bodily functions and maintain homeostasis. Since research using CBD to arthritis has proven to be effective in reducing inflammation and pain, it may be possible that it will have a similar effect with migraines.

            According to the review of studies published in 2017, researchers saw a useful and effective way for marijuana in treating migraine but there were not enough studies about using CBD oil yet. Varieties of articles have written about different ailments and its wonders but not on migraines.

            Another study conducted by the University of Colorado sample size of 141 people suffering from constant migraines. People who participated took CBD daily and about 50% shows the reduction in the number of migraines was possible in 40% of the population. This may eventually be proven a hundred percent that helps treat migraines but for now, you can try if it works out for you.

            Guide to CBD Product Dosage


              As you continue your trip in understanding the wonders of CBD, questions will surely arise and searching through the world wide web might be the answer. Although various information is available, there are too many variations of just one question. One is to know the right dosage for you.

              It is important to consider that different brands have unique views on how much CBD is needed. However, each person is unique and what works for the other may not work for you. First, understand the nature of CBD, analyze, monitor, and create the desirable dosage just for you.

              Dosage for Tinctures

              These tinctures are commonly known as CBD oil. It is one of the most popular products of CBD and the easiest way to get your daily intake. Tinctures also have the most convenient and effective consumption methods by placing it under the tongue or sublingually.

              Once the solution drops under the tongue, it immediately gets absorbed through the blood vessels. Of course, there is some measure to take to reach the maximum effect of the tinctures. Make sure to hold the solution under the tongue for about 20-30 seconds before swallowing the remaining oil.

              Merging CBD with oil requires a carrier called the MCT or medium chain triglycerides or medium chain fatty acids. Carrier oils are derived from coconut or palm oil and infused together to help CBD absorb quickly by the body.

              The desired amount of CBD for tinctures can vary depending on the milligram(mg) strength of the product. Other factors are also the severity of the symptoms or illness, budget and personal body variables like metabolism, weight, age, and many more. Generally, companies produce tinctures use the following strength of the product:

              • 500 mg CBD Tincture
              • 600 mg CBD Tincture
              • 800 mg CBD Tincture
              • 1000 mg CBD Tincture
              • 1200 mg CBD Tincture
              • 1500 mg CBD Tincture
              • 1800 mg CBD Tincture
              • 2000 mg or more CBD Tincture

              Similar to other medications, medical professionals are the only one who can give a prescribed dosage. However, CBD does not follow strict guidelines and each brand manufacturer has their own unique style. Nonetheless, all of the products start from administering low dosage and slowly increase it while carefully monitoring the effects of CBD in a person’s body. By monitoring each dosage is taken and the effects are shown, it can help understand and determine the desired dosage.

              What is the first dosage?

              The first way to know the ideal initial dosage is to estimate it based on body weight. The method is to take 1-6 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight based on how much of the symptoms progress in your body.

              Dosage for Gummies

              Gummies are always loved both by adults and children and it is a popular way to take CBD daily. Compared to a medicine-looking tincture bottle, gummies taste better and pleasing to people’s eyes. Calculating the dosage for CBD gummies is easier too. Most common strengths of CBD gummies are 300 mg and 600 mg gummies.

              For beginners, the gummies bottle can be very confusing. Each gummy has a fixed amount of CBD that a 300 mg bottle means you’re taking 30 (10 mg) gummies. It is essential that you check how much CBD is in each gummy to determine how much you eat.

              Just like tinctures, start from the lowest dosage and slowly change it by monitoring the intake. It’s advisable to start with one 10 mg CBD gummy twice a day and record the effects. After that, you can increase the number of gummies taker per day or purchase a stronger strength.

              How to Use CBD as a Pre- or Post-Workout Supplement


              In recent years, CBD rapidly became a trending health supplement thought to help treat a lot of medical ailment. Not only that but CBD have reached the fitness community by helping them with their training regime.

              Either the workouts are high-intensity or just the regular exercise adding CBD boost the outcome they are achieving for. If your living in United States, Europe or Canada, CBD information may have reached your interest before so here’s a brief overview of CBD and how to use it as a Pre- or Post-Workout supplement.

              Summary of CBD and How it Works

              Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid compound extracted from cannabis. Studies have shown potential therapeutic benefits it carries, however, many believe that it can cause psychoactive effects just like THC. In fact, CBD has the ability to counteract the psychoactive of THC.

              CBD works by binding through the endocannabinoid system in the body. It is responsible for helping and maintaining the homeostasis, or internal systemic balance. The ECS is found throughout the body and composes of three important parts which are the cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and metabolic enzymes.

              Because the ECS of each person changed and compromised in time affecting homeostasis. There are various factors that result in this abnormality such as disease and injury. With the help of CBD as a natural supplement, it helps to stimulate and improve ECS functions.

              Pre-Workout Used of CBD

              When taking CBD before an exercise, it can increase the energy needed during exercise. It also helps relieve from pain and work as an anti-catabolic by encouraging the body to function efficiently. It like an energy drink or coffee but without the risk of side effects and “crash.”

              CBD is not only popular in the fitness community but in different field of medicine. It contains general mood stabilizer and energy booster. A major selling point of CBD is the ability to help depression and anxiety. It’s a great motivator if you lose it during hard training drills.

              Another study about CBD is its analgesic effect on the user. It aids in reducing the pain on the affected area such as joints, muscle pain, and other aches. Using it as a pre-workout supplement can alleviate the sensitivity to pain during the drills that create higher endurance for high-intensity workouts.

              We mentioned a while ago about the anti-catabolic properties CBD has. This helps slow down the break down of muscle mass and build more muscle at the same time. This happens when CBD decreases the number of catabolic hormones present in the body. Cortisol or stress hormones is a catabolic hormone that is the culprit in breaking down muscle tissue. By using CBD it helps regulate the production of cortisol.

              Post-Workout Used of CBD

              After a hard training course from the gym, that’s when various pain around the body starts to show up. But using CBD after a workout can benefit the user greatly because of the anti-inflammatory properties.  It helps users recover quicker and deal with delayed muscle aches. CBD topical creams and salves are a go for by applying it on affected areas.

              If you lack the appetite to get a hearty meal after a workout, CBD can help you out. It also helps stimulate your appetite. The other way around some folk find CBD aid them in suppressing appetite instead by reducing their craving of unhealthy food.

              Finally, after a long day of activities and exercise, good quality sleep is needed. If some factors make you not have enough sleep then it can slow the process of building muscle and recovery. In this case, CBD can lend a hand by regulating the hormones that trigger the time for rest and wakefulness. This is a much better alternative medicine than taking a dangerous sleeping pill.

              An Overview of CBD Tinctures


                Since CBD turned out to be an important trend in the health and wellness department. A lot of manufacturers and health stores laid out tons of different kinds of CBD. This includes one of the common types like tinctures. But using them may be a first for people who are new to CBD.

                CBD and Its Usage

                Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-intrusive compound that is part of cannabinoid found in cannabis strains and hemp. THC and CBD are often confusing to have psychoactive effects, however, only THC product such effects and CBD counteract the psychoactivity of THC.

                The effects of CBD starts when it communicated with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is an important system that helps regulate and maintain the homeostasis or internal systemic balance of the body. The three main components of ECS such as cannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and metabolic enzymes can be seen throughout the body.

                Regrettably, due to some outside factors, ECS can change and compromised eventually destroying the balance. These factors are diseases, injury, stress, anxiety, overwork, diet, and many more. But with the help of CBD, it helps prevent damage to the body and restore function.

                CBD research has been improved in recent years and results from it proved to help these disorder:

                • Chronic Pain
                • Autism
                • Type 1 Diabetes
                • Anxiety Disorders
                • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
                • Parkinson’s Disease
                • Arthritis
                • Epilepsy
                • Migraines
                • Sleep Disorders

                CBD Tincture

                CBD tincture is a type that comes in a liquid state in a bottle with a dropper. Generally, the concentration of CBD is greater in tinctures. It is created by steeping CBD-rich hemp flowers in high-quality grain alcohol then applying low heat for multiple hours. Depending on the manufactures, the extraction method can be different like combining CBD to CO2 with a carrier oil.

                The original form of CBD tends to be very bitter and the final product contains the purest CBD with no more than 0.3% THC following the stated required level and makes CBD legal in every state. Because the original taste is bitter some brands have infused different flavor without compromising the effectiveness of CBD.

                Using Tinctures

                Using it directly means administering it sublingually or dropping drops of CBD under the tongue and hold it for at least one minute before swallowing the rest of the solution. The area under the tongue is rich with blood vessels which the tincture accompanied by other ingredients is able to pass through the tissues in the mouth and absorbed quickly in the bloodstream.

                By taking the shortcut and not going through the process of the digestive system, CBD can take effect faster and interact with the ECS receptors faster. Result of tinctures will take effect within 15 minutes making it the fastest-acting forms in administering CBD.

                There are other ways to take tinctures beside the sublingual route. You can drop CBD oil into your food and drinks which helps avoids the bitterness of the solution. Although this method takes about 30 minutes or more to feel the effects after consuming it.

                As a beginner, it is important to take note and make rules in taking CBD. Taking CBD oil at the same time every day with the same amount can help monitor the effects. Do this for a week and monitor change if there’s any including side effects.

                For the long-term run once you assess yourself in increasing the dosage, monitor and track any differences. Observing and assessing yourself of the use of CBD can help find the desired dosage to reach the optimum wellness you are seeking.

                If undesirable effects were identified stop using it and consult a doctor to find the cause. It less likely it will happen but taking CBD with other drugs or alcohol may cause problems.

                CBD and Diabetes: What You Need to Know

                  Blood Sugar Medicine Diabetic Insulin Diabetes

                  In the United States, over thirty million people have diabetes and 1 in 4 of them aren’t aware they have it. Diabetes remains the 7th leading cause of death in the United States in 2015. There are at least 79,535 death certificates listed diabetes as the underlying cause of death.

                  Diabetes Mellitus is a metabolic disorder that is identified by Type 1 that is unable to produce insulin or Type 2 that is unable to use it in a way that’s enough to maintain glucose at a healthy level in the bloodstream. Having irregular and unstable glucose level results in dangerous and life-threatening conditions.

                  Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes no longer has the ability to absorbed glucose into the cells. This causes the glucose to stay in the bloodstream resulting in many symptoms like:

                  • Heart and blood vessel disease
                  • Nerve Damage
                  • Stroke
                  • Kidney disease
                  • Vision problems

                  Because Diabetes cannot be completely cured. There are other methods in managing, reducing life-threatening symptoms, and possibly preventing it. This method is extremely new to the market and it might benefit people who have diabetes when using CBD.

                  Overview of CBD

                  CBD known as cannabidiol is one of the hundred chemical cannabinoid compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Because the origin came from the same strain of marijuana, it has been stigmatized to carry the same effects of THC. THC is the main culprit causing the psychoactive effects seen in people using marijuana.

                  However, CBD extraction method is very different from marijuana and have a low level of THC. Hence, it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects but instead gives therapeutic benefits. CBD oil does not cure but instead help treat and prevent other ailments.

                  The Used of CBD for Diabetes

                  The common treatment for diabetes is a simple discipline and managing the existing ailments present. This means to change the diet, exercise, and taking insulin. Adding CBD to the regime may change a person with Diabetes to improve their well-being.


                  Type 1 diabetes manifestation appear quickly than Type 2 diabetes that develops slowly. Patients who have type 2 diabetes tend to have insulin resistance and high fasting insulin levels. They also have high-density lipoprotein cholesterol in their body.

                  In a recent long-term study about CBD and diabetes, people who used cannabis or hemp regularly have fasting insulin levels that are 16 percent lower than a participant who had never used cannabis. In addition, they also have increased levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol including insulin resistance levels is 17 percent lower than people who didn’t use cannabis.

                  Insulin Resistance

                  Resistance happens when the body’s cell turned down insulin. This insulin is produced by pancreas responsible for regulating blood sugar. When cell rejects the insulin, glucose cannot be absorbed which is needed for energy. The outcome would be glucose building up in the bloodstream causing blood sugar to be very high.

                  By reducing the inflammation, the immune system and cardiovascular system can function properly. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD can improve cell growth and improve sugar metabolism. With this system working well, developing insulin resistance and diabetes are decreased.

                  Preventing Obesity and Treatment of Neuropathy

                  The type 2 diabetes is often associated with chronic inflammation causing obesity. The excessive presence of fatty tissue limits the efficiency of glucose metabolism. In this context, the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can decrease and combat glucose metabolic disorders and improve metabolism.

                  Neuropathy is one of the symptoms Diabetics patients are suffering from. Neuropathy is a disease of one or more peripheral nerves that cause numbness or weakness. There is no specific cure or medicine for this type of pain but patients are trying to use CBD as an alternative analgesic to prevent further damage to the nerve and facilitated nerve growth. CBD also helps protect the liver from oxidative stress caused by the development of neuropathy.

                  Can CBD Help Fight Bacterial Infections?


                    Numerous studies have shown that CBD can help treat a host of chronic illnesses and infections thanks to its antiseptic properties. Evidence is mounting that CBD can also help fight bacterial infections.

                    CBD and THC

                    CBD and THC are cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). A strain may deliver these two compounds in the following ratios –

                    • Low CBD, High THC (trace amounts of CBD, 10% to 30% THC)
                    • Balanced THC/CBD (5% to 15% CBD and THC)
                    • Low THC, High CBD (THC under 5%, 5% to 20% CBD)

                    Strains that are high in CBD deliver functional and clear-headed effects without making you feel intoxicated. People who are highly sensitive to the adverse effects of THC generally prefer high-CBD strains. These strains are ideal for those needing to medicate to control chronic conditions, such as anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

                    Strains that contain THC and CBD in balanced ratios tend to be more euphoric than CBD-dominant strains. That being said, these cannabis strains are much less likely to cause negative effects, such as paranoia and anxiety. Balanced THC/CBD strains are highly effective for pain relief.


                    A scientific study reported in the Journal of Natural Products investigated the efficacy of CBD against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a kind of staphylococcus infection. The bacteria has managed to become resistant to the antibiotics that medical practitioners have used to treat it.

                    As a matter of fact, some MRSA strains have the capability to produce extra bacteria that eliminate antibiotics. However, these highly-resistant strains don’t behave in the same manner in the presence of the cannabidiol.

                    What’s more, CBD oil has been found to be significantly effective against fighting off the MRSA strains that have become immune to antibiotics.

                    Fortuitously, individuals are able to use the cannabidiol to fight off infections without experiencing side effects such as lightheadedness and paranoia.

                    What About THC?

                    You will be surprised to know that you will not get a feeling of euphoria if you apply the psychoactive cannabinoid THC to your skin. In fact, a paper in 1976 studied the antibacterial effects of THC and found it to be effective against Staphylococcus as well as Streptococcus. Staphylococcus is responsible/accountable for the life-threatening staph infection. In this research paper, the psychoactive compound proved highly effective in concentrations of 1 µg/mL to 5  µg/mL. However, investigators also discovered that CBD and THC were not able to fight off gram-negative bacteria in the blood. Additionally, other tests also found THC to be ineffective against various types of gram-negative bacteria.

                    Antibiotics Overuse

                    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, half of the antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary. But, physicians are not entirely to blame for overprescribing. Sometimes, patients pressure their doctors for antibiotics and some patients purchase these medications online.

                    It should be noted that there are no long-term advantages attached to using antibiotics needlessly. Antibiotics overuse accelerates the rate that bacteria becomes immune to these medications that could result in serious health problems for people.